The Journal of jennifer.
My prediction was true... 01-05-09 23:53
I really did drop out of school. Now I gotta pay back my loans and then I'm gonna travel the world. Hello humanity, goodbye bitches!
PDX 06-08-08 17:15
I will be in Portland from the 10th of June until the 24th.
Bye bye life. 05-25-08 02:02
I decided that I am dropping out of school and that I am just going to write poetry and preform at readings. Fuck getting published, I'm strictly underground.
These walls have shifted. 05-22-08 10:01
He left. And he's never coming back. I can't really blame him. I'm just fucking sad.

But I got to put on the brave face for the world. No one understood what was going on with us. We were on the moon. We were in the goddamned moon.

Charles Bukowski nailed it down pretty good in

The miracle is the shortest time

you know
it was very good
it was
better than

it was like
we could
pick up
look at
and then laugh

we were on the
we were in the
god damned moon,
we had it

we were in the garden
we were in the
endless pit

never such a place
as that

it was deep
it was light
it was high

it got so near
to insanity
we laughed so

your laughter

I remember when
your eyes
said love

as these walls
so quietly
I never thought I would think this or say this, but.... I think when you love someone, you just know. Even if you haven't known them that long. And that's the scary thing.

I keep telling myself I don't, and that's it's too soon to think that phrase, that fucking label that means so much and has so many connotations and just packs this idea of reality....

But I think I do. I think I love him.

And he's leaving.
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